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Becoming Wiccan
Becoming Wicca
Important Info For those interested, these links will lead you to information on Pagan and Wiccan history and dedicating yourself to Wicca. Becoming Wiccan
Supplies and Reference Sources
Jacksonville Supplies
Earth Gifts. Notions and Potions. Pyramid Collection.
Supplies in the Jacksonville Florida Area
Reference Materials
Wiccan Way. Earth Gifts. Chamblins Book Mine.
Reference Materials in the Jacksonville Florida area
Helpful Links
Links to our pages containing services available to you, family and friends.
Charts Spells
Consulting Handfasting
Home Cleansing Wiccaning
Moon Calendar Pendulum / Runes
Tarot Cards Numerology

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Divinationa and Astological readings.  Ceremonies, spells and positive inluences.
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